Yes, You Are Going To Have A Hard Time Deciding Which Vapor Flavors To Buy

For years now, you had your favorite pack of smokes. Some of you reading this right now are still coughing up the consequences. If your health hasn’t already gone for a ball of chalk, then the authorities have stepped in and made your smoking life a miserable hell. There is no-where to run, and no-where to hide. But there is one enterprise that the US Food and Drug Administration haven’t yet managed to get a hold of.

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In case you haven’t heard of it by now, it’s called e-smoking (as in electronic smoking) or vaping. What happens is this. Instead of inhaling large amounts of toxic tobacco and poisonous tar, you are taking in a refreshing aroma. It’s like smoking a good old tobacco pipe, only with juice. The e-cigarette holder or vaper holds the liquid that you will be inhaling. And if any nicotine has been included to your choice mix, it’s quite minimal in comparison to tobacco.

The inclusion of nicotine is still your call to make. But those of you who want to get rid of the mad addiction altogether can go in with nicotine free vapor flavors for sale online. It’s the best place to shop for e-cigarette holders and the vaping juice because not enough conventional stores have been stocking up as widely. Don’t they realize just how many folks out there want to make amends to their health by going through what can only be called a smooth transition?

It’s a small price to pay for not being able to give up smoking altogether. And to date, the US FDA and other similar bodies haven’t quite been able to make up their minds whether to slap on a health warning yet.